Police Historian of the Year

Each year, the California Law Enforcement Historical Society honors and recognizes a member that has made the greatest contribution to the preservation of California’s law enforcement history. This may be achieved through a variety of ways including research projects, writings, publications, documentary film production, or contribution to the historical society as a whole.

Award recipients must be members in good standing in the CLEHS, have distinguished themselves during the year of recognition, and must have displayed excellence through service, research or preservation.

Recipients are recognized in the California Police Historian and presented with a plaque.

Past recipients of this award are:

2020 Stan Berry
2019 Mike McCarthy
2018 Dennis Houser
2017 Brian Smith
2016 Doug Gist
2015 Russell Snow
2014 Don Williams
2013 Gary Teragawa
2012 Jack Jones, PhD
2011 Bradley Steele
2010 John Basalto
2009 Raymond Sherrard
2008 Todd Houser
2007 David DeSoucy
2006 Keith Bushey
2005 Mike Lynch
2004 Gary Hoving