Life Members

The following members have made a major financial and personal commitment to continue the efforts of the California Law Enforcement Historical Society to preserve the rich history of California’s peace officers by electing to become Life Members:

Adam Winer
Andy Thompson
Bernard Wilson
Bill Hedges
Brad Darling
Brad Steele
Brian Smith
Dan Gold
Darryl Lindsay
Dean Hileman
Dennis Faull Pettersson, Sweden
Don Williams
Doug Brimmer
Doug Gist
Ed Godfrey
Frances Lam
Gary Hoving
Gary Teragawa
Harry Hoover
Howard Jay
Jack Jones
John Perry
Keith Bushey
Liane Corrales
Mark A Bray
Mark Simens
Matthew Hutchens
Mike DeVilbiss
Mike Lynch
Mike McCarthy
Mort Ward
Nick N. Kanaya
Phil Colonnelli
Philip H. Jordan
Randy Grago
Randy Johnson
Raymond Moreno
Raymond Sherrard
Roland Klippel, Germany
Ron Agrillo
Russ Snow
Scott Welch
Tod Ruse
Thomas Morton
Wes Burns
William Stephens
William J. Tully, Jr.

The California Law Enforcement Historical Society offers a Life Membership for a one-time payment of $400. Click here for Membership