The California Police Museum is a traveling museum contained within a thirty-foot long cargo trailer.  It features a chronological progression of police history throughout California and a twenty foot long wall dedicated to historic police badges and patches.  The Museum is taken to a variety of venues throughout the year including collector shows, memorial events, and community celebrations.

All donations to the California Police Museum are governed by the CLEHS Police Museum Collections Policy. This document details the policies and procedures used by the CLEHS to ensure that all items donated to the Museum are adequately documented and cared for. Click here to review this Collections Policy. For questions about this policy or making a donation to the Museum, please contact President Gary Hoving

California Law Enforcement Historical Society Museum


The California Law Enforcement Historical Society thanks the following individuals and organizations for their donations to the California Police Museum

Name Amount

Al Mize 45
Andrew Thompson 50
Andrew Weisz 100
Arnold Nichols 20
Arroyo Grande Police Officer’s Association 500
Bill Hedges 50
Bob Davis 20
Brian Smith 100
Chris Hensman 100
Clark Secrest 40
Daniel Gurule 50
Darrell Klasey 300
David DeSoucy 100
David Young 100
Doug LeSage 100
Dr. Jack Jones 100
Dr. Stephen Mizrock 170
Ed Godfrey 100
Evan Mason 65
Frank Kelton, San Luis Ambulance 1,000
2007 National Police Collector’s Show 1,050
Gary Hoving 1,122
Gary Whitely 20
Howard Jay 80
Ina Mae Overman 100
Jack Jones 200
Jake Bushey 50
Jeffrey Huss 20
Jeremy Nieland 50
Joe Schlechter 100
Joel Blumenthal 45
June Sievers 75
Katcho Achadjian 150
Keith Bushey 1,000
Kern County Law Enforcement Association 500
Leo Fong 40
Mark Barnes 100
Manuel Morales 50
Mark Hall-Patton 20
Mark Simens FHS Investments 1,000
Marshall Spoo, Family Mortuary 250
Max Bakke 300
Mike DeVilbiss 60
Mike Lady, Family Mortuary 100
Mike Lynch 20
Patrick Armstrong 45
Patrick Zuchelli 100
Pete Sysak 186
Peter Percy 35
Randy Johnson 100
Ray Moreno 75
Ray Peterman 40
Ray Sherrard 100
Richard Stewart 100
Robert Tanaka 100
Roy Johnson 50
Russ Snow 115
San Luis Obispo Deputy Sheriff’s Association 500
Sean Saylor 20
Sheriff’s Day at the Ranch 44
SLO Sheriff’s Advisory Council 25,000
Vivian Krug 50
Wal-Mart Foundation 1,000
Wes Burns 100
William Gardner 20

TOTAL $37,392